Introduce your beloved baby to fruits and vegetables

* This game is suitable for children under 8 and includes the following pictures:

apple , banana , bellpepper , carrot , cherry , coconut , corn , cucumber , eggplant , fig , garlic , grape , kiwi , lemon , melon , mushroom , onion , orange , peach , pear , pepper , pineapple , pomegranate , potato , pumpkin , radish , strawberry , tomato , watermelon

Mobile phones are especially appealing to children, and parents can use them to teach their child.

From an early age, the child becomes familiar with colors, objects, animals, fruits, and so on. “My Genius Child” is one of the best educational games for children, and we are going to review one of the games in this series entitled “Baby Fruit Game”. Follow us and learn about this game’s features

The graphics of the game are of a good quality and the same visual appeal makes the child more inclined to learn and play games.

Teaching Persian and English simultaneously

Bilingual education is one of the strengths of this educational game and you can choose Farsi or English to teach your child. As the language changes, the educational content of the game changes.

Introduce your baby to the variety of fruits and vegetables

Referring to the “Fruits and Vegetables” section, the picture and the Farsi or English name and fruits and vegetables are displayed respectively. You can listen to the pronunciation by clicking on the fruit.

Playing games to review what you learned

To make sure your beloved baby is fully acquainted with fruits and vegetables, you can ask them to play games in this tutorial.

In the first game, the child must remove or close the plate from the fruit. This is done with the top-down fruit (the name of the fruit + its pronunciation).

In the second game you can enter by clicking on the house, the fruit is displayed below the two pictures and the child must select the picture depicting the fruit or vegetable depicted.

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